5 Minutes with Michael Miller, South African Expat Working at The Seaforth

5 Minutes with Michael Miller, South African Expat Working at The Seaforth

We’ve built a Great South African working community here at the Seaforth in Ullapool, Scotland. Hiring both expats and locals has been such a wonderful experience. As we start our recruitment for 2023, we wanted to share a quick chat we had with Michael Miller, one of our team members from South Africa.

1) How did you hear about this opportunity?

On Facebook.

2) How long did it the whole process take from application to being in Ullapool?

I had already booked my flight over 2 weeks before I saw the Facebook post. The interview took place less than a week after I sent an email to Delia. Two weeks later I was here! I do have a British passport which made it easier.

3) How long have you been in Ullapool?

I have been in Ullapool for 6 months and will be returning next year!

4) What is the living situation like?

Living situation is great! Rooms are fantastic and the amenities are amazing!

5) Walk us through your typical day…

Typical day..I go in early and clean before the restaurant opens. Depending on my shifts I could be in the chippy too or doing kp work or even salad section! It’s nice and varied.

6) What’s the best part of the program?

Best part is meeting new people, making new friends and learning new things, gaining certain skills and certification when you pass your modules and of course a wonderful work environment with and for people who care for you

7) What advice would you give a fellow expat thinking about working abroad?

Advice for people wanting to do this..do your research, ask all the questions. Plan what you need to do on arrival in advance (bank accounts etc) all of which can be done painlessly on arrival! There are great opportunities here. Don’t be afraid to start over. Get your foot through the door and another on the ladder. It’s amazing!

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