Ullapool is more then just a summer stop over, in fact Ullapool is truly an all year-round destination. Ullapool is known for it’s fabulous scenery during the months of March – October but there is more to Ullapool then just Spring and Summer from November to March, you will find a village that is open with unique seasonal beauty and attractions. Snow-caped peaks and outstanding winter skies makes the most stunning scenery.

As night draws in you can experience sunsets that spill orange, red and purple across the sky. On a cold winter night you will be captivated by our winter night skies with the milky way arcing above your head. If you’re lucky, and you time your trip just right, you might even see is the Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights .

Over Christmas time the village twinkles with Christmas lights and winter liveliness. The Village has a famous ‘creel Christmas tree’ at the point as well as a tree at the harbour not to mention the magnificent fishing boats lit up as you drive into Ullapool and of course the beautiful lights along shore street and Christmas trees around the village will all be lit up together.

Ullapool has great access during the winter months. The main A835 trunk road from Inverness to Ullapool is the route for Ullapool-Stornoway ferry service and the road is therefore well maintained throughout the winter months.

Ullapool is well placed with the Beinn Dearg group to the south-east and the Fannaichs to the south. This year Ullapool will be hosting a Winter Festival. There will be a Christmas Marketing and an Ice-Skating Rink will take place over the weekend following the winter Light switch on Thursday 28 November. Full size ice rink with skate hire and tuition.

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