From Our home to Yours

Make cooking at home a little more fun.

Turn up the music

Cooking for some can occasionally feel like a chore. Our number one key ingredient is good music! Put on your favourite play list, crank up the music and move to the groove.

Play with your food

Is there anything more beautiful than food? Anything? Food is picture perfect. So, go ahead, play with your food. Make beautiful patterns, rainbows, food gradients because let’s be honest, you eat with your eyes first.

Take your taste buds on a journey around the world

Who says you can’t travel around the world from the safety of your own kitchen? We love to take our taste buds on a journey by cooking delicious vegetarian dishes inspired by International flavours or you could cook a themed dinner. Let’s be honest, we all need a bit of fun and colour in our lives during quarantine. So why not do a themed night? The great thing about theme nights is the ideas are endless so you can really get creative. 

Cook with friends online

Isn’t technology wonderful! Schedule a dinner date with friends or family online. What’s great about this idea is you get to cook with friends and eat what you want with no concerns about everyone’s dietary requirement. Please note some wine may be involved.

Forget about perfection

Not every dish goes according to plan. It happens to everyone. The essential thing to remember is that stressing over perfectly cooked pasta will put a hindrance on the fun. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Kitchen disasters can make great stories.

Stay home, Stay safe

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