Chippy Specials

Family Meal Deal

2 Adult Fish and Chip suppers & 2 Kids Fish and Chip suppers £16.95

Two Pies, choose from any of our Pie Suppers, only £8

Meal for Two

Two Jumbo beer battered Cod goujons with chips and dip £12.95

Seeded Squid Rings with chips and dip £12.95

Taking this popular starter to a whole new level! These coated Squid rings have a sprinkling of Kalonji seeds on, which give them an original look and an authentic Indian spice flavour. The unique coating creates a delicious, golden, crispy bite, making them ideal for dipping sauces.

Meal for One

6 Red Velvet prawns with Salad or Chips £12.95

These large coated Prawns are magnificent. Covered in a crunchy, deep red beetroot breadcrumb.