2018 Offers


To celebrate our re-opening, we are treating you to some fantastic special offers. Read on to find out more.

Oor Meal for Two

  • Two Steaks and a bottle of House Wine, choose from our prime Rump Steak and our juicy Tuna Steak

A taste of Oor Soups                            

Try oor Soup of the day. Each day we will be offering  some of oor favourites like                       

  • Scottish Mussel Chowder with Crusty Bread
  • Scottish Cullen Skink soup with Crusty Bread   
  • Homemade Tomato and Herb Soup with Crusty Bread                           

Oor Wee Dishes

To celebrate our re-opening come along for some great specials and try some of oor wee dishes. Packed with flavour.

  • Breaded Squid Rings with Garlic Mayonnaise
  • Smoked Salmon and Egg Pastry Parcels with Salad
  • This is more than a bit of a step up from your bacon buttie! Chunky pieces of smoked Salmon in creamy free-range egg and wrapped up in a lower fat golden pastry.
  • Smoked Salmon, Lemon and Herb Pate with Scottish Oatcakes
  • A hot smoked Salmon pâté with a simple dash of lemon, gherkins and herbs.
  • Pickled Herring in Lime and Chilli with Cereal Bread
  • Red Velvet and Charcoal Wild Prawns + Dip

Oor Fish in a Pan

You are not going to want to miss out on oor fish in a pan specials. We also have some traditional favourites brought right up to date, Pan-fried to perfection, all served with house salad and chips and with your choice of garlic butter or lemon butter or Peri-Peri.

If like us, you Love a good piece of Salmon. You will want to try these pans

Scottish salmon fillet marinated in orange, dill and fennel

A traditional favourite brought right up to date. It’s got a lovely, original marinade that’s going to be a real eye-catcher on your menu.  But it’s going to impress most when you serve it. The vertical cut is  chunky and generous.

Scottish salmon fillet marinated in sweet chilli and lime   

Always a popular choice for customers, now even more so. These top-notch skin-on salmon supreme are packed with flavour.

Other great Seaforth fish in a pan specials that is a must for all seafood lovers are oor pans like

  • Rainbow Trout                                       
  • Lemon Sole                           
  • Monkfish                                               
  • Hake                                                       
  • Tuna Steak, with Chilli and Lime oil dressing or simply Grilled to your liking.