What's on in May in Ullapool


Not only is Ullapool known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities but it’s also famous for music, arts, food and drink, Highland culture and fantastic festivals. The month of May promises to be a month of great excitement for Ullapool starting with The Seaforth's Seafood Festival.

We will celebrate our great history in seafood with our annual festival on the 4th to 6th of May 2018.

Some of our Festival highlights are:

  • Build your own seafood platter
  • Try and taste something new
  • Enjoy one of our popular seafood dishes
  • Live music during the festival
  • View the Festival menu

There's something for wee ones too, we will have face painting, as well as some delicious seafood dishes designed just for them or they can have a go at building their own dish. So why not come along and join in the fun and celebrate our seafood heritage at The Seaforth.

We will be welcoming new musicians like Kevin Fraser and Seafoam Green for the first time during Seafood festival.

We will also be welcoming new acts like Willie Campbell, Blackleaf 40, Chris Grant, Katie Spencer, Lazy Jams and Rory Butler for the rest of the month of May.

Another great festival for May held in Ullapool is of course Ullapool book festival. The Ullapool Book Festival is an increasingly important event. A festival for books and reflection and dialogue. A wonderful weekend in May.

Ullapool – The Book Festival that Makes a Difference

The opposite of a book festival
is not a book-burning,
it is indifference. Let them hear
us sing the difference. Love’s words
are louder, brighter than flames. Listen
I have watched Love’s sweat-earned words
plunge readers’ hands into
soft sweatpalmed lyrical hugs,
become part of an always us.
I have seen words introduce someone
to Love. Love is a work of art.
Novel. Novella. Epic. Poem. Story.
Love is an inveterate writer of letters,
emails and txts. I love Love, whose hair
is cut like a haiku, whose mind is epic
as a novel, whose hands are bright and
restless as a bookmark. I love Love.
Love is an us, Love shows us
life is an us. Listen, may this always
be the festival that loves
to make a difference. This festival
reminds us we belong with Love’s words
which, like village halls and ceilidh
places, are physical and inwardly
permanent parts of an us. Let us give
thanks to that which brought us to an us,
let us never forget that the opposite
of a book festival is not a book-burning,
it is indifference. Let us make a difference.”

Poem by Kevin MacNeil

May is definitely a wonderful month to explore Ullapool and enjoy all it has to offer.

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