The Importance of Lunch


It’s not easy to squeeze in a lunch break, but it’s often needed for our health and sanity. Lunch is a vital meal for everyone. It provides energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working through the afternoon. According to experts, lunch provides nourishment to the body and brain and reduces stress and eating lunch provides a break from the activities of the day and gives energy for the rest of the afternoon. 

“Skipping lunch is like going on a mini fast and may lead to intense feelings of hunger.”

Skipping lunch to count calories? Don’t, our day-to-day intake of calories and nutrients is divided over the meals and snacks we eat during the day. One way to spread calorie intake over the day is to consume 20% of total calorie intake at breakfast, 30% at lunch, 30% at dinner and 20% for snacks.

One last thing that lunch breaks are picture-perfect for - Social media. Studies on the best times to post on social media often show a spike around lunchtime. So stop for lunch to refuel, enjoy the satisfaction of feeling full on a delicious meal and then share your foodie photography skills on social media with friends and family.

The key is to look forward to lunch as another activity. Have a look through our delicious menus to get your mouth watering.  

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