How to Keep Kids Busy and Happy in a Restaurant

Summer holidays are here, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our wee customers. We not only offer a toy box, colouring in designed by local primary kids, word searches and more but also a great kid’s menu. We understand how stressful being on holiday can be, especially eating out. Let us help you relax and enjoy your family meal.


A kid-sized bag.

Get your Kids to pack a little bag with things to play with at the restaurant. This is an easy way to help kids pass the time while they wait. Examples, Lego, small toys, books and one gadget.

I Spy

No equipment required. Find an object in the restaurant, announce that you have spied something that is (insert color of object here) and let each person take turns guessing what the object is. The first person to guess correctly gets to spy the next item.

Memory Game

Lay out a bunch of items from the table and/or your purse. Let the kids study the arrangement for a minute or two and then have them close their eyes while you remove one of the items. The kids must try and figure out what item was removed.


If your child is very young, try giving her just half the play-doh to play with. With our older kids, play games with the play-doh. It’s like charades — you think of a word (probably a noun) and mould your doh as best you can to illustrate that word. Everyone guesses what you’ve made.

Order Dessert

Have you ever noticed that when kids eat out, they are done eating a lot sooner than the grown-ups? Order them dessert when they finish their meal so they will have something to distract them while you finish your dinner. Our Kids meal comes with a delicious dessert.

Most of all, remember to enjoy your meal together. This is what summer holidays are all about.

Big Flavour