From Farm to Plate – The Taste Is In The Meat


What makes our Grill dishes so good? It’s all about where it comes from.  

Our Scottish Beef is bought direct from Perthshire farms specialising in Aberdeen Angus beef. The farms have been known to three generations of McDonald Brothers Butchers. 


The mince for our burgers are sourced from Simon Howie. The sausages, haggis and black pudding, are all made from recipes passed down three generations of MacDonald Butchers.

Macdonald Bros. is a traditional family butchers owned and run by the Macdonald family since 1928. Rory Macdonald is the third generation of Macdonalds to be involved in the business.

Their family first started the business in Dunkeld and then moved to the present shop in 1959.

They specialise in quality Aberdeen Angus beef which has been their hallmark since the business began. Macdonald Bros Butchers, source their meat from local farmers, including Mr Geordie Soutar, Kingston Farm, Forfar and Mr George McFadzean, Woodhead of Mailor, Perth,  to ensure continuous quality.

Each cut is vacuumed sealed to seal in freshness and flavour. We then cook each one to order ensuring that we use the perfect combination of herbs and spices to bring out individual fresh flavour.

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