Cream and White Wine Mussel Recipe



Sneak peek into our Chef’s kitchen

Step into our kitchen through our latest blog and find out how our Head Chef makes our famous Mussels in white wine sauce. Absolute must try. Our Head Chef Jody Keating has agreed to share the recipe of one of our favourite dishes, cream and white wine mussels. Our delicious Steamed Mussels are fresh mussels with white wine, garlic, shallots and a touch of cream.



  • 1kg Mussels

  • 1 tsp Garlic Puree

  • Shallots few thin slices

  • 100ml Double Cream

  • 100ml Dry White Wine

  • Parsley chopped

Find a pot that is big enough to fit mussels in with enough room in for them to open.

Add Wine, Cream, Garlic, Shallots and Mussels to pot.

Cover with a lid and bring to boil, allow the mussels to fully open, give the pot a good shake every now and then.

Put the Mussels in a bowl, add parsley and serve with fresh bread.


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