A Healthier You. A New, New Year's Resolution for February 


January has come and gone and for most of us so has our New Year’s resolutions. So why do we find New year’s resolutions so difficult to keep? New Year’s resolutions are somewhat like your first crush. The relationship starts off with so many expectations, promise and hope, but after a while it loses its charm and you move on to new things.

Why then, do we continue to make these yearly commitments to ourselves that we can’t appear to keep? How do we make a resolution and keep it? Experts say that:

“We are more likely to maintain actions that we find rewarding, a resolution involving doing something interesting that feels good, or is satisfying and meaningful, is likely to get you further than trying to restrict or curb you.”

So what’s the answer to a healthier you, a New-New Year’s resolution that you can actually stick with?

Happiness of course. Making an emotional connection to your goal, a connection that not only releases those happy endorphins but makes a real connection to something you enjoy doing. For example if you hate running, don’t go running as a New Year’s resolution. You are setting yourself up for disappointment, instead find something you love doing like dancing, hill walking, swimming and please if you don’t like eating salads, again don’t try eating leaves all day. Instead, find alternatives. We can highly recommend our Three Bean Salad, our delicious Caesar salads or spice things up with our Broccoli and Cauliflower Tempura (v) in a spicy batter served with a cucumber and yogurt dip. Healthy living doesn’t need to be bland or boring. 

So what do you cook everyday?

Our Chef’s advice, start your focus on cooking with love. Don’t cook each meal as if it were a chore, where is the fun in that. Your time in the kitchen is a period of self-care. Creating nourishment for yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Cooking is knowing your needs and committing to accomplishing them. Whether it is a meal for one or a meal for your whole family.

Lastly, take time out without any guilt.

Let’s repeat those last three words… without any guilt! Take time to laugh, to feel, to experience to enjoy life. Go out for lunch with your friends, dinner with your soul mate, go out dancing, enjoy listening to live music. You deserve it and you are worth the time. For some inspiration go to our What’s on section of our websites to find out what music we have on in 2019

Remember, a positive perspective on your goals and targets for the year ahead could well be the answer to keeping your resolutions to a healthier you February, or March or April …

Big Flavour